Thunderstorm & Rain Sounds And New Age Piano

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If ever there have been 2 things created for one another, it will need to be New Age piano music and natural thunderstorm & rain sounds. All things considered, New Age piano is getting a lot of its ideas from the natural environment. There are lots of CDs available that have this particular classic combination. Let us look at some of them.

1. Forest Piano by John Herberman

This CD is in the opinion of mine the very best New Age piano CD one can purchase. And also it’s nature sounds too! John Herberman is an extremely skilled pianist/composer who is music seeps into your stressed out psyche and carefully massages you. Each and every piece is a distinctive composition. Sometimes melodic, often textural, but always gorgeous. You will use your CD player out there with this one.

2. Piano Cascades by John Herberman

OK. I am a huge admirer of this particular mans music. I admit it. In reality, the second I heard the CD in a pictures of Nature store I’d to have it. So delicate and lovely is this music that you will think you are actually in the center of a waterfall. The natures sounds, furnished by Dan Gibson are first rate as well as don’t overwhelm the music. In reality, each nature and piano sounds merge together into one particular magnificent whole producing an unique ambiance that can revive as well as wash the spirit of yours.

3. San Juan Suite by Michael Gettel

San Juan is an island off the coast of Oregon where mighty Orca whale is well known living. Michael gets the inspiration of his from the all natural splendor of the spot and also, of course, this white and black whale. The music is great with nature sounds interspersed every now and then for effect. The music becomes first dibs right here with the nature sounds delicately placed in only the best spots.

In case you like music and nature, you are going to love these CDs. You are able to locate them at

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